What made news the first week of March in South Bend in history

Headlines in History

What was creating information in our spot in the course of this 7 days in several years previous? The Record Museum features these newspaper excerpts to give you an thought. 

Feb. 27, 1909: “Announcement that a South Bend organization of common contractors, H. G. Christman & Enterprise, 125 South St. Joseph street, will create the new J. M. Studebaker skyscraper on the Major-Washington road corner was produced yesterday. The contract is the 2nd biggest ever let in St. Joseph county and provides that the enormous building shall be in readiness for occupancy by Dec. 1.” — The South Bend Tribune

Feb. 28, 1919: “In direct line with the industrial impetus which has come to South Bend within just the previous number of months is the announcement designed to-working day by the Automatic Dump Car or truck company, a person of the city’s most promising producing considerations, that the demand for their product or service is forcing them to use each out there facility to equip their plant with equipment and materials to provide the sector.” — The South Bend Tribune





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