Senior Housing That Promotes an Active Lifestyle

How Can a Retirement Community Promote an Active Lifestyle?

At least one member of the family must be 55-years-old or older in an active adult retirement community. This is also known as an age-qualified planned community. The community offers homes and features that allow seniors to live independently while taking part in the activities and culture of the community setting.

Active adult retirement housing can also be known by different names depending on their location, such as:

– Lifestyle communities
– Retirement communities
– 55+ communities
– Age-qualified communities

All across the country, the biggest areas of growth in the assisted facility market are active adult living communities. As baby boomers reach retirement age in record numbers, assisted facility communities that focus on active living is becoming more in demand.

What Benefits Does an Active Lifestyle Offer?

An active lifestyle community offers seniors many benefits, such as:

– A community that shares common interests
– Social activities
– Free living that provides maintenance.
– The convenience of having activities and amenities close by

Depending on the location, many communities offer the following:

– Resort/getaway-like settings with amazing views, walkways and quiet areas
– Gated community security and safety
– Fine dining options on the property

Housing options that active lifestyle senior living offers

Housing style options usually depend on the specific retirement community. Although there are some communities that have only one choice of senior housing style, such as condominiums, there are many others that offer different variations of housing within the community. Housing options might include:

– Individual houses
– Cottages
– Villas
– Condominiums
– Townhouses
– Manufactured

Activities That Seniors Can Take Part In

Seniors that remain physically active after retirement keep their bodies strong, healthy and fit. Moving out of their homes and into retirement communities that provide an active lifestyle is a great way to keep an active routine without it becoming a chore.

Activities that promote both exercise and recreation can involve these things:

-Indoor pools

-Outdoor pools

-Walking trails

-Biking trails

-Exercise rooms

-Weight rooms

-Billiard tables

-Bocci ball courts

-Rooms to play cards and games

-Hobby shops

-Craft rooms and classes

-Art rooms and classes

-Cooking classes

-Movie nights

-Lounging areas

-Organized social activities such as dances and parties

-Professional entertainment such as musical programs, theater groups and comedy nights

If you’re passionate about maintaining your active lifestyle, senior housing retirement communities and assisted facilities can be found all throughout the United States. As the number of adults who remain active keeps increasing, this type of assisted living is increasingly in demand.






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