Hospital occupancy rates down in some Pee Dee counties

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WBTW) — South Carolina added another 2,202 verified COVID-19 instances to its pandemic tally on Tuesday, according to data launched by the state’s health company on Thursday.

The South Carolina Section of Health and fitness and Environmental Command releases data two times immediately after it receives it.

In addition to the new, verified instances, DHEC also described 963 probable conditions, 39 confirmed fatalities and five possible COVID-19-brought on deaths. Of 24,310 new assessments reported to the condition, 12.4{77cee397d25497406907bc5f78f1cff64d8c0594b11a1d7f77fe1a342e6e8ad4} were beneficial for the virus.

Between those new deaths were being the verified demise of 1 individual in Darlington County and 1 possible COVID-19-induced dying in Horry County.

Thursday’s update brings the state’s totals to 674,403 confirmed instances, 163,676 probable scenarios, 10,386 verified fatalities and 1,571 confirmed COVID-19-brought on fatalities.

Medical center occupancy dropped in some Pee Dee counties, in accordance to information and facts up to date by DHEC on Thursday. 

About 74.2{77cee397d25497406907bc5f78f1cff64d8c0594b11a1d7f77fe1a342e6e8ad4} of beds were in use in Darlington County, 63.5{77cee397d25497406907bc5f78f1cff64d8c0594b11a1d7f77fe1a342e6e8ad4} were being in use in Dillon County, 91{77cee397d25497406907bc5f78f1cff64d8c0594b11a1d7f77fe1a342e6e8ad4} had been in use in Florence County, 89.1{77cee397d25497406907bc5f78f1cff64d8c0594b11a1d7f77fe1a342e6e8ad4} had been in use in Horry County, and 70.6{77cee397d25497406907bc5f78f1cff64d8c0594b11a1d7f77fe1a342e6e8ad4} were in use in Marion County. There are no acute hospitals in Marlboro County.

Statewide, 86.09{77cee397d25497406907bc5f78f1cff64d8c0594b11a1d7f77fe1a342e6e8ad4} of inpatient beds ended up occupied, with 23.46{77cee397d25497406907bc5f78f1cff64d8c0594b11a1d7f77fe1a342e6e8ad4} made use of by COVID-19 patients. About 82.95{77cee397d25497406907bc5f78f1cff64d8c0594b11a1d7f77fe1a342e6e8ad4} of intensive treatment unit beds had been in use, and 45.2{77cee397d25497406907bc5f78f1cff64d8c0594b11a1d7f77fe1a342e6e8ad4} of ventilators were in use.

The development in incidence rates in some nearby counties experienced also upgraded from superior to medium, in accordance to details introduced by DHEC on Wednesday. Darlington County experienced a medium incidence level, Dillon County had a superior incidence rate, Florence County had a small incidence amount, Horry County had a substantial incidence amount, Marion County experienced a medium incidence price and Marlboro County experienced a medium incidence rate. However, additional than 1{77cee397d25497406907bc5f78f1cff64d8c0594b11a1d7f77fe1a342e6e8ad4} of the populations in every single of all those counties had been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the previous two months, a pattern that has endured for more than a thirty day period. Two-week incidence rates remained in the “high” class for each individual county in the condition. 

New case counts for local counties are as follows:

Darlington – 16 verified, 46 possible

Dillon – 23 confirmed, 4 possible

Florence – 39 verified, 42 possible

Horry – 139 verified, 129 probable

Marion – Nine verified, 12 possible

Marlboro – Eight verified, 11 possible





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