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Fence/roof/siding, Wegner Homes, remove and replace steel/LP smart side siding 42sq, 1532 S 64th ST W, Elementary School District #8 – $23,100

Fence/roof/siding, Wegner Homes, remove and replace vinyl siding 13sq, 511 11th ST W, Gemstone Townhomes – $4,500

Fence/roof/siding, Hardy Construction Co., remove and replace 2 doors, 217 N 27th ST, Yellowstone County – $12,000

Fence/roof/siding, JAS Constracting, replace metal siding, 1140 1st Ave N, Rent is Due LLC – $5,000

Fence/roof/siding, Raisin Contracting Inc, tear off and replace with steel siding 60sq, 1729 Main ST, G&J Diesel Performance LLC – $52,000

New restaurant/casino/bar, T.W. Clark Construction LLC, new construction group A-2 occupancy type V-B construction, 1390 S 24th ST W, 1400 S 24th LLC – $1,900,000

New other, the proposed project includes the installation of a telecommunications utility building. The building will be accessed by a concrete drive approach and a gravel access road which will include parking for a utility service vehicle. The building will be periodically accessed for service but will not typically be occupied. The building will have a diesel generator for back-up power as well as a 40’ self-supported type tower to receive local television and radio stations. The tower will not be used to broadcast. The building, gravel service area, generator, and tower will be surrounded by a trex style wall and locked security gate. The facility will be screened from neighbors by the trex style wall, 2215 3rd Ave. N, TDS Metroom LLC – $142,000

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New other, Jones Construction Inc, group R-2 occupancy (25 unit apartment housing) type V-B construction main floor 8,119 sf; second floor 7,791 sf; total area 15,910 sf automatic sprinkler system per IBC (NFPA 13R), 856 9th ST W, Young Women’s Christian Association – $2,800,000

New other, Golden Sands General Contractors, to construct an approximately 1,296 sf remote drive-up ATM on a concrete pad, 1313 Grande Ave, Jack Gray – $150,000

New other, Warren Transport Inc, 2216 38th ST W, The City of Billings – $1,651,258

New other, Bauer Construction, Miracle Field restroom/concession building, site furnishings, sidewalks, and plaza building and field electrical, 2216 38th ST W, Landons Legacy Foundation – $750,000

Remodel, Faithful Cleaning & Restoration, new insulation, electrical, new drywall, new HVAC, new paint, new trim, new doors, new windows, and new flooring in the existing floor plan. No exterior structure is being changed or altered, 526 Moore Ln, JNL Holdings LLC – $35,000

Remodel, Jacob Platt, remove and replace 800 sf of existing sidewalk along north and west sides of building located at 2475 Village Lane. Add 2 patio cover structures at northwest corner of building at same location. The patio covers are pre-engineered 3” IRP covers with gutters and downspouts. The front patio cover on the west side of the building is 9’ x 28’. The side patio cover on the north side of the building is 8’ x 20’, 2475 Village Ln, Stacey LaGreca – $35,000

Remodel, Swanke Construction, remodel of existing medical treatment space to build 2 new operating rooms and new pre/post treatment areas. Project includes demolition, structural steel floor infill, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, fire sprinkler, and fire alarm model, 2800 10th Ave N, Billings Clinic – $2,920,000

Remodel, Owens Construction Inc, remove and replace gas canopy fascia, 1201 Central Ave, CHS Inc – $32,883.15

Remodel, unit 5 electrical upgrade, 2135 Blue Creek Rd, Blue Creek Storage LLC – $0

Remodel, remove existing accordion-style fire doors at floors 2, 3 & 4, 5110 Southgate Dr, Erck Hotels – $20,000

Remodel, OED LLC, interior non-structural demo to remove flooring, drywall, and interior walls, 1225 Mullowney Ln, OED LLC – $1,500

Remodel, change in use, Rambur Construction Inc, remodeling of an existing 1,400 sf restaurant into a chiropractic practice. Significant reduction energy usage and reutilization of existing panels and HVAC, 3839 Grand Ave, Thomas Keugh – $52,000

Remodel, change in use, change in use to a salon, 111 S 24th ST W, Brittany Bouer – $3,000

Remodel, T.W. Clark Construction LLC, main floor remodel of offices into apartments, 2823 6th Ave N, Steve Widmeyer – $193,500

Remodel, Foss Construction LLC, frame interior walls move plumbing and electrical, 2205 Grand Ave, Highland Rim Properties Inc – $10,865

Remodel, Jorden Construction, add and finish wall to extend existing office, 1601 Zimmerman Trl, KT Dental Properties LLC – $10,000

Remodel, Cucancic Construction Inc, exterior/interior remodel, 2311 Central Ave, Wentana LLC – $250,000

Remodel, T.W. Clark Construction LLC, D/W/V piping replacement (like for like). Remove gypsum walls and ceilings as required to replace plumbing, 1400 Poly Dr, Garsjo, Donna & – $1,100,000

Remodel, Villaneuva’s Construction, 74 windows, 4 Lewis Ave, Homes Unlimited Realty LLC – $15,000

Remodel, Langals & Assoc. Inc, remodel of the existing 66,872 sf building to accommodate the tenant improvement work to be completed under a separate permit. Remodel work to include: new storefront for future tenants, new electrical switchboard, upgrades to loading area, and upgrades to roof, 2618 King Ave W, WP5 Billings LLC (und 73.87%) – $2,000,000

Remodel, tenant improvement of the approx. 18,661 sf tenant space in the existing 66,872 sf building. Scope of work to include: new interior walls, plumbing, HVAC units, and electrical/lighting additions, 2618 King Ave W, WP5 Billings LLC (und 73.87%) – $800,000

Remodel, tenant improvement of the approx. 23,556 sf tenant space in the existing 66,872 sf building. Scope of work to include: new interior walls, plumbing, HVAC units, and electrical/lighting additions, 2618 King Ave W, WP5 Billings LLC (und 73.87% – $800,000

Remodel, Dale Jones Construction LLC, moved counter in liquor store to change to counter service only. This is for safety issue of customers and employees as theft of liquor has increased dramatically, 825 Grand Ave, Karen T. LaSeur – $3,500

Remodel, JRB Construction, wood framed remodeling/expansion of existing physical therapy business with relocation of restrooms, 50 27th ST W, 4M Properties – $79,800

Remodel, Jones Construction Inc, interior tenant improvement in existing shell space including interior walk-up automated teller machines (ATMS) for new Wells Fargo bank, 3039 Grand Ave, West Grand Plaza LLC – $190,000

Remodel, Andre’s Construction, interior tenant remodel of Shopko Optical in an existing building. Work includes relocating fixtures, new interior finishes, minor modifications to electrical, plumbing, and mechanical, 316 S 24th ST W, Rimrock Owner LP – $160,000

Remodel, Lads Hospitality Associates LLC, franchise required 14 year renovation. Renovation consists of primarily updating floor coverings throughout public areas and guestrooms, paint, wall coverings for all 92 guestrooms, and converting 79 standard bathroom bathtubs to showers. Note: None of the existing handicap restrooms will be converted or modified, 956 S 25th ST W, Lads Hospitality Associates LLC – $456,625

Remodel, change in use, Yellowstone Basin Construction, change in use, 1323 Main ST, Shamrock Foods – $900,000





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