Chinking Questions, Log Home Stain Answers & Log Home Caulking Reviews

Chinking, log stain and cabin caulking are staples for the preservation of your log home. Eventually, you will find yourself applying at least one of these materials if you own a home constructed of logs. All of these products are available in a number of colors, consistencies and performance ratings. It is always best to consult with your builder or application contractor before making a purchase. Below you will find some helpful information to guide you through the maze of log home products.

  1. Purchase a stain material from a reliable manufacturer and a reliable source.
  2. Not all oil based stains are the same.
  3. Not all water based stains are the same.
  4. Chinking is designed to stand out from your wood.
  5. Caulking is designed to blend in with your logs.
  6. The staining process is typically done first followed by chinking or caulking.
  7. Log home products are typically higher performing products as compared to stick built products.
  8. All log home stains will need a maintenance coat in 4-5 years.
  9. More prep work is critical for the success of water based log home stains as compared to oil based stain products.
  10. Oil based stains have a stronger odor than water based stains.
  11. Most chinking materials are water based.
  12. Installing backer rod behind chinking or caulking will help these materials to expand and contract.
  13. Backer rod is available in a number of different profiles such as full round, D shaped or trapezoidal shaped.
  14. Chinking material can be used in joint sizes ranging from 1/4” up to 6”.
  15. Borate treatments need to be applied before the application of log stain materials.
  16. Impel rods work very well in areas of high moisture content.
  17. Log checks facing upwards should be filled if they are greater than a 1/4”.
  18. Surface preparation is the key to success for applying any stain.
  19. It is OK to use a different color stain on the inside of your log home.
  20. Applying an interior clear finish to the inside of your log home will make cleaning much easier.
  21. Chinking can be done by professionals and homeowners.
  22. Corn cob blasting is effective in the removal of stains, dirt, grease or grime.

In conclusion, there a number of choices on how to preserve your dream home but as a consumer you need to ensure that you are asking the right questions.






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